The village Of Ermioni

It is a 10k drive from villa10greece/portoheli to the charming village of Ermioni. In high season, July to September, it is the holiday and island hopping destination of well to do Athenians and well informed tourists! There is a year round boat service from Athens/Piraeus which underpins the cosmopolitan flavour of the region, through spring to autumn.  A number of small passenger boats leave from the main harbour for day trips to the island of Hydra.

The village Of Ermioni

A truly acient land…


The main harbour is in a deep set bay banked on one side by steep cliffs with a picturesque sea level road winding around to the other side of the village on the other side of the bay.  The ancient archiological ruins in the forest that divides the village add an element of magic that it is hard to find in such abundance anywhere else in the world. Visitors are left in no doubt that Greece is a truly ancient land.


The main port at the entrance of the village, has shops, services, offices,  tavernas coffee shops and moorings for visiting yachts.  There is an excellent market every Thursday, selling fresh and traditional local produce. Small bars, restaurants rooms for rent and further yacht moorings line the seafront beyond the forest.


The residential part of the village sits back on steep hills, rising dramatically from sea level. A great place for an evening stroll after a coffee at sunset..!


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